Data Entry Process: How To Set Up Units

Published on January 20, 2015
So you’ve purchased your new <a href="" target="_blank">Storage Facility Management Software</a>, but now what? It’s time for you to set up your software. This post goes over the process of how to input the data for your units.


<strong>Setting up Unit Types</strong>
<li>Login to your account</li>
<li>Click to Units tab at the top of the screen</li>
<li>Click on unit types</li>
<li>Click New Unit Type on the top right corner</li>
<li>The unit types are all of the different types of units you have. For example: 10x10 or climate controlled.</li>
<li>The easiest way to input the unit types is from smallest to largest</li>
<li>For each unit type, you will input the size, and special features, a picture, how many of that type of unit you have at your facility, and the price.</li>

<strong>Setting up Individual Units</strong>
<li>After you have set up the unit types, it is time to set up the individual units.</li>
<li>Click on Units</li>
<li>Click on new units</li>
<li>Input the name or number of the unit, for example A1</li>
<li>Click on the dropdown menu to choose the unit type (This is the list of unit types you created in the previous set)</li>
<li>Always put the status as available, even if someone is currently renting the unit. This is important for later when you assign each unit to their tenant</li>
Follow this link for a video tutorial for setting up unit types   <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Follow this link for a video tutorial for setting up individual units    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>