Payment Processing, Why So Many Fees?

Published on July 9, 2014
<p style="color: #000000;">So…anyone that knows anything about the credit card processing knows that the banks are sitting back and making a ton of money without even lifting a finger! Not fair right? Have you ever sat down and added up what fees you are paying to process cards?</p>
<p style="color: #000000;">Here is a list of possible fees that credit card companies charge:
- monthly fees usually $5-$15 a month
- yearly fees, Visa charges $99 yr
- setup fees, normally $199-$299 to get started not including cost to purchase machines
- cancellation fees $295
- PCI fees $7.95 per month if you are not compliant
- Per transaction fees $.10-$.50 per transaction
- Processing Fee- normally between 1.5%-3%</p>
<p style="color: #000000;">Easy Storage Solutions partnered with a company called Rentpayment.</p>
<p style="color: #000000;">The nice thing about these guys is that they only charge 1.99% as a flat rate. They do not have any…
- monthly fees
- yearly fees
- setup fees
- cancellation fees
- PCI fees
- Per transaction fees</p>
<p style="color: #000000;">All they charge is 1.99% on all Visa, Mastercard, and Discover transactions. That is it!</p>
<p style="color: #000000;"><a href="">Click here</a> to fill out the online agreement</p>