Payment Processing, Why So Many Fees?

Published on July 9, 2014

Payment Process Fees

So…anyone that knows anything about the credit card processing knows that the banks are sitting back and making a ton of money without even lifting a finger! Not fair right? Have you ever sat down and added up what fees you are paying to process cards?

Here is a list of possible fees that credit card companies charge: - monthly fees usually $5-$15 a month - yearly fees, Visa charges $99 yr - setup fees, normally $199-$299 to get started not including cost to purchase machines - cancellation fees $295 - PCI fees $7.95 per month if you are not compliant - Per transaction fees $.10-$.50 per transaction - Processing Fee- normally between 1.5%-3%

Easy Storage Solutions partnered with a company called Rentpayment.

The nice thing about these guys is that they only charge 1.99% as a flat rate. They do not have any… - monthly fees - yearly fees - setup fees - cancellation fees - PCI fees - Per transaction fees

All they charge is 1.99% on all Visa, Mastercard, and Discover transactions. That is it!

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