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Published on July 13, 2014
<strong>Self-Storage Marketing in a Fierce Economy: Taking Campaigns to a Whole New Level</strong>

Entrants to the ISS ‘Best in Self-Storage Marketing’ contest share marketing that works in tough times

- Amy Campbell 12/08/2009
<p><em>Just do it! Got milk? Have it your way. Melts in your mouth, not in your hands. Good to the last drop. Let your fingers doing the walking.</em></p>
<p>I’ll bet you can name the products behind the famous branding above. They’re etched in our minds, often connected to memories. Companies like Nike, Coca-Cola and Burger King know how to create a message that will stick. But you don’t have to be a billion-dollar business to come up with unique and impressionable ad campaigns.</p>
<p>Last summer, <strong>Inside Self-Storage</strong> invited its print and online readers to share their most clever and impressive marketing ideas and pieces. The “Best in Self-Storage Marketing” Contest was open to facility owners, operators and managers nationwide. Dozens of submissions poured in, ranging from catchy print ads and mailers to funny radio and TV clips.</p>
<p>First-place winner Terri Gavins, senior manager of Storage Center of Southwood in Tallahassee, Fla., won $1,000 for her multi-faceted campaign. A YouTube video by Andrew Emory, operations analyst for Self Storage Management Co. of California, nabbed $300 and the second-place prize. His “Naked Storage” video used Lego pieces as props to grab attention and illicit chuckles. An eight-piece print-ad campaign by Stephanie and Joe Tharpe, managers of Lock Box Self Storage in St. Juliet, Tenn., also aimed to make an impression through humor. The Tharpes were awarded $200 for their third-place entry.</p>
<p>While the submissions varied in content and delivery, all had the same goal: to get the facility noticed and attract new tenants.</p>