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Easy Storage Solutions offers SEO & Online Marketing services for our self-storage facility clients.

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We will help raise your search rankings in the following search engines.

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Search Engine Optimization

An effective on page optimization strategy that follows Google’s Best Practices and gets results.

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Mobile Friendly Website

Our mobile friendly website template is included in order to reach clients on all platforms.

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Social Media Management

Use social media to connect with your current customers, find new ones, and to deliver high quality content that enhances your overall brand.

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Reports and Analytics

Stay up to date with your site with monthly reports sent out at the end of each month.

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Google Business Page

Optimize your Google Business Page and other local directories to convert people near you. Manage customer reviews and connect with consumers.

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Adwords Management (PPC)

An effective PPC strategy that can help boost your web traffic, while keeping a low cost per click. Get high quality leads and convert them into new clients.

Get Found Online

Easy Storage Solutions partnered with their own company RIZE Marketing to bring the self storage industry an effective and affordable marketing service for their clients. We focus our efforts on small to medium self storage facilities and helping them become more successful online.

We have years of experience in marketing self storage facilities online and getting more storage units rented for our clients. Over time we help you rank higher on Google Search and get more relevant website visitors to reach your website. Don't worry, we will take care of all the work every single month so you don’t have to, and then we send you detailed monthly reports so you can see the results of our marketing efforts and you can know that your money is being spent effectively.

Easy Storage Solutions Marketing Services Looking to learn more about how Easy Storage Solutions can help your storage facility with its SEO & Online Marketing? Check Out This video and see how we can help you increase rentals.


"Would not hesitate at all recommending their services to anyone. Ken always wen't above and beyond for all my requests and the proven results were sent to me on a monthly basis. Look no further and let Ken and his team take care of all your needs."

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"I have been incredibly impressed with Ken and his SEO services! I had previous worked with several other SEO companies that were very expensive and I didn't get nearly the results that I got with Ken. He was able to help boost my listing and online presence very rapidly. Ken is also assisting me with a Google Adwords campaign. I plan to refer friends to Ken in the future."

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