Along with the growing popularity of people storing their things in storage units, the competition that facility managers face is also on the rise. With all that extra competition, you’ll need to amp up your marketing efforts if you want to stay successful.

  • Make life easier on you and your tenants by investing in storage unit software. This software will give you an up-to-date website, autopay, the ability to rent units online, and it will send payment reminders automatically via email and text messaging.
  • Set up a loyalty program to make current tenants happy. Set up a referral program to give tenants that refer a friend a month of free rent. People love free stuff, and if they are happy with the service they’ve received, they will have no problem referring their friends.
  • Don’t be a cheapskate, upgrade your facility. There are enough run down storage facilities with below par security systems and units that aren’t climate controlled. If you want to stand out, you need to be better than the competition. Investing in upgrading your facility to look nicer, be safer, and have higher quality units will help you to outdo your competition.
  • Network via social media. More than 60% of people find businesses online these days, so if you don’t have a great presence, you are missing out on so many tenants! The most important social media presences you need to have are Google Plus and Facebook. It’s not enough to simply have these pages though, use these pages to network with, and have positive experiences with your tenants.
  • Allow your tenants to hold a garage sale at your facility. Most people have junk in their unit that they don’t want, especially if they are about to move out. This is also a great opportunity for potential clients to come to the yard sale, see how great your facility is, and decide to store some of their things with you.