Using storage facility management software is one way to keep things running smoothly but what are you currently doing to acquire (and keep) customers online? One method of marketing that is often overlooked is email marketing. Email marketing is smart to practice because it allows you to reach out directly to your customers in a more personal way and more often than many other types of marketing. There are several platforms available that make managing an email list and creating email templates easy even if you have little to no email marketing experience.  

Have a Subscribe Button

One of the first things you should do is have a subscribe button on the homepage of your website so that you can start building a list of email subscribers. These customers are valuable because they are reaching out to you and are interested in what you have to say. This list can be used in the future for sales, newsletters, and more.  

Referral Programs

Once you have built a list of customers, you can use email marketing for referrals. Design a referral program that gives your customers some kind of incentive for every referral they give you. By doing this, you are increasing your customers and giving your customers a way to get involved with your business.  


Consider sending out a monthly newsletter with business related information. This can be anything from tips, blog posts, news articles that feature your company, and much more. If you are sending out relevant and important information, people will read it. This helps build your brand and increase awareness.  


If you gather enough information, you can personalize your emails and gear them towards different types of customers. Say you have a customer that is no longer with you for example, create a specialized email and thank this type of customer for their business in the past and offer them a deal on storage now. This type of message can go a long way because it’s targeted to the individual and is therefore more meaningful.  

These are just a few ideas to get you started in the world of email marketing. We help you on the back end with our efficient storage facility management software but we also have ideas on what you can do on the front end to reach out to your customers and bring more in. Remember - it’s best to obtain your list of emails organically and to refrain from buying large lists of email addresses as this could result in your emails being marked as spam. Think quality not quantity