The Benefits of Partnering With Your Local Community

By Alyssa Browning

The Benefits of Partnering With Your Local Community

Self-Storage owners around the country have begun partnering with organizations in their locality. These partnerships are valuable resources for your business and community. The benefits of partnering with local law enforcement, charities, and even other facilities are not only advantageous right now but they will also be advantageous for years to come.

To begin, partnering with your local law enforcement agency can provide training for their officers and K-9 animals. It can also protect your facility from undesirable tenants and encourage new tenants. For example, if you allow the K-9 agency in your town to train their animals at your facility the animals now have invaluable experience. Furthermore, you will be able to protect your facility, because the threat of police officers with a K-9 unit at your facility will deter criminals from storing illegal substances in your units. Last, but not least, the security of having law enforcement around will encourage new tenants to your facility, because it will be safe. ** As a side note, always check with your state association to make sure you are in compliance with any regulations regarding searches.**

Another great relationship to foster is one with your local charities. Sometimes charities need a place to store seasonal items, or documentation. By donating a unit to them you are supporting a cause that is important to you. So, not only will you feel great for supporting a good cause, but you will also be able to use them as a resource for referrals. In addition, they can help your facility create brand awareness and ultimately create a better occupancy rate! ** is a great charity that is dedicated to the self-storage industry. **

Finally, as counterintuitive as it sounds, partnering with other facilities in your area is a great way to show how great you are! For example, if your facility is full then you have a trusted resource to refer your tenants to. On the other hand, if your partner companies facility is full then they have a trusted resource to send their tenants to. This is a win-win situation, because your tenant will feel like they are cared for beyond just their rent, and you will have extra referrals coming your way!

In conclusion, partnering with other organizations in your area helps to strengthen and grow your community while establishing your business in efforts that people are passionate about. If you haven’t started yet, now is a great time to start cultivating these types of relationships!

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