Boat and RV storage has become a very lucrative business venture for many self storage facility owners. When done right, it can add a large amount of income for you while still keeping your maintenance and cost relatively low. Learn how to effectively market and rent your RV and boat storage correctly.

#1: Plan Ahead

Adding more storage space to your facility can be a very daunting task. Make sure that you plan ahead and take into account the possible ramifications of your actions. Once you have planned how many units to add and where, makes sure they are easily accessible and have plenty of room. Storing boat and Rv storage is often much more delicate of a process than people think. Once you have executed your full plan and have everything in place move on to the next steps.

#2: Promote Boat And RV Storage On Your Website.

It’s critical to have a quality, functioning website that promotes your self-storage facility and the amenities you offer, especially considering that more and more people are searching for storage via their smartphones than on a desktop computer. You might have a completely mobile site similar to your regular website or a responsive website that adjusts to the size of the user’s device without affecting the legibility and quality of the content.

Next, create separate landing pages that detail your facility’s boat- and RV-storage options. Use the URL for these pages on your offline promotions and fliers. Add a call to action, perhaps in the form of a button that links to the facility’s reservations page, call center or chat service.

#3: Use search engine optimization (SEO)

Make sure you’re using the latest SEO tactics on your website, such as content creation, keyword search and schema markup. Research the types of keywords boat and RV owners use and add them to the content of your Web pages. Also use SEO “behind-the-scenes” components such as alternate text for photos, and meta descriptions, and tags on all of your pages.

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