Everybody uses the Internet and most people use it daily for things like: Social media, looking things up, checking in on weather, sports or the news, blogging, and emailing. It’s the world we live in. Sometimes the Internet can be frustrating especially when it is not easy to use or doesn’t work as easily as we would like. Are you ready to make your online life easier?

If you manage a small to medium sized storage facility, I have the perfect solution for you. Easy Storage Solutions promises that we will make your online life easier. Easy Storage Solutions “helps storage facility owners create and customize a website that integrates with mini storage software.

The new website allows customers to make online payments 24/7, book units and manage their storage unit billing.” One of our current customers even raves, “Give it a try if you’re in the storage business. It’s reasonable, it’s cost effective, it’s quick, it’s easy to use, and anyone can use it!” You can even start with a free demo, and if a free demo isn’t enticing enough here is a list of some of the things that a business owner receives with Easy Storage: Secure website, recurring billing and payment processing, payment reminders via email and text, collections report, full integration with Quickbooks, facility specific site map, google map and email manager.

If you are looking for great storage facility management software you don’t need to look anymore, your easy solution is with Easy Storage solutions. At Easy Storage Solutions we will help make it as easy as possible to run your small to medium sized facility. You can call customer support today as well at 888-958-5967.