Did you know that these days more than 70 percent of U.S. adults use some sort of social media? Utilizing social media platforms like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp provide instant access to customers and vice versa.   On these platforms you will be able to showcase your self-storage facilities positive reviews and interactions between customers and staff. This will create good first impressions and increase the number of brand advocates online.   Follow these three best practices to boost your presence on social media:

  • Create Unique Content

If you create content that inspires or interests customers, they will want to share that content with other friends on social media. This will allow your voice and the message of your company to be amplified throughout the social media network.

  • Use Trusted Platforms

Search engines like Google trust certain review and social media platforms, so stick to using those. These platforms usually have users that regularly interact and shares valuable content. The platforms you should stick to are Facebook, Google +, Yelp, and Twitter.

  • Engagement is Key

Engagement is the first step in generating demand for your product, a storage unit. If you are generating content that is engaging searchers, you are also going to captivate search engines. Your content will be relevant and helpful, making the search engines show it more often.   For more tips from our Self Storage Management Software and marketing experts, visit our blog today.