Easy Storage Solutions designs software to help make managing your Self Storage Unit facility as easy as possible. While our software will help you do your job better, there are times when customers will be unhappy. This is an inevitable part of running a consumer focused business. While it can be hard to know how to deal with these situations, there are things you can do to resolve customer conflict and even turn an unhappy customer into one that leaves satisfied.

Stay Calm

When a customer gets heated, they may raise their voice and release their frustration onto you. It’s human nature to want to raise your voice and change your body language to mirror the person you are speaking to. You must refrain from doing this because it will simply escalate the already frustrating situation. Stay calm and in most cases you will see that the customer will also start to calm down. This shows the customer that you are listening and that you care about the issue at hand.

Make Sacrifices

There are times where you may need to pay in order to keep a customer around for a long time. This sacrifice could benefit you down the road because of the return business you will likely see. It’s a smart idea to plan ahead for these situations and to be prepared to discount or comp customers if the situation is escalated enough to call for it.

The Customer is Always Right

The popular saying “The Customer is Always Right” is a good motto to stand by when running your storage unit facility. Even if you genuinely don’t feel that you are in the wrong, own up to any mistakes that the customer may be accusing you of. No customer wants to be told that they are wrong and this is a sure way to ensure that they never return.

Ask a Lot of Questions

When approached with a negative situation, ask the upset customer as many questions as you need to in order to really get to the root of the issue. Sometimes people may just need to vent and having someone express a little bit of interest can go a long way. Asking questions will help you diffuse and rationalize the situation.

By taking this advice and using our storage unit software, you’ll be setting your self storage facility up for success. You’ll be happy and even more importantly - your customers will be too.