One major area that goes unnoticed for many self storage facilities is how many phone calls they are actually missing. Most managers or owners feel like they have a good handle on their phone calls and that it is hurting them very much. However studies show that 1 out of every 3 phone calls placed to a storage facility are missed! That is a lot of phone calls, and if those are potential renters that it is a lot of missed revenue.

In today's society people aren't going to just wait until you call them back either. The storage industry is described by a lot people as an "As Needed Service." Meaning people need their service and they need it quickly. They aren't going to wait around for 5 days until they actually get a hold of you and rent the unit. People are usually calling because they need storage and they need it quickly. Anything you can do to help make the process quick and easy goes a long ways for the potential tenant. If you don't answer the phone, statistics show that they don't wait for your phone call back, they usually don't even leave a message. They simply hang up and call one of your competitors!

Jim Ross, from 3 Mile Domination has also weighed in on this exact topic:

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