3 Philosophies of sales, B.F.C & ESS Consulting Services

By Rick Beal


Rick Beal is Easy Storage Solutions’ newest team member and the Vice President of Management and Consulting. While he is new to ESS he is not new to the self-storage industry. In fact, for the past ten years he has been an owner, operator, consultant and speaker. He has done everything from manage budgets to clean the toilets. He is here to offer consultation on any aspect of your self-storage operations!

3 Philosophies of Sales

  • Tailor your sales pitch to your personality
  • Some Things Work for Some of the People, Some of the Time
  • No Magic Words In Sales

3 Types of People That Will Call Your Facility

  • Yes (They will always rent with you no matter what.)
  • No (They will never rent with you no matter what.)
  • Maybe (They could go either way, and are the people to focus your sales skills on.)

People Buy from People Who They Like

People purchase things from people who they like, and self-storage is no different. It’s important to build a relationship with your prospects and tenants if you want to make a sale. When somebody calls to ask for a price on your 10 X 10 units what do you say? Do you tell them the price and hang up; Or do you ask about why they need storage?

Big 3

People remember things in threes. Don’t believe me?

  • I’m lovin it.
  • Just do it.
  • Good, Bad, & Ugly
  • Red, White, & Blue
  • Snap, Crackle & Pop

If you utilize this strategy at your self-storage facility people will start to remember you and the best parts about your business.


B.F.C stands for Big Fat Claim. This is a tool that will help you close your deal. The big fat claim must be true and is something that you must use at exactly the right moment. An example of this would be “We have over 400 units at our facility and have never had a break in”.


Talking about your facility in terms of features and benefits will help your customer understand better why your facility is the best.

  • A feature is what something is
  • A benefit is what something does

A good example of a feature/benefit relationship is with lighting at your facility. “We have highly efficient LED lighting” is an example of a feature because you are describing what it is. “This will mean that at the facility will be well lit, and you will be safe on the property” is a benefit because it describes what the lighting does.

Shift Your Thinking

Oftentimes we think in terms of “we win when the customer rents with us”. However, in order to build relationships and provide the best service to customer we need to shift our thinking. We should be thinking in terms of “The customer wins when they rent with us” and “The customer wins because of what we can do for them”. This will ultimately set the stage for a strong relationship and good customer base.

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