Here at Easy Storage Solutions we have noticed that many of our self storage clients have seen great success with our self storage software. Our self storage software makes it easy for clients to rent online and pay online. This has made it even easier for many of our storage facility owners to take more time away from the facility and manage it from home. While this is a fantastic thing and has many benefits, it can also create a new problem, missed phone calls. Despite the website and self storage software working very well and enabling users to rent online, much of the time people will still simply give you a phone a call to rent a unit or ask questions. If you miss this phone call, that means you missed their business. In fact, studies show that 1 out of 3 phone calls placed to a storage facility are not answered.

Easy Storage Solutions wants to help make this problem go away, so we created an additional service for our self storage clients: Call Advantage. Call Advantage is a professional answering service that is connected with your self storage management software so they can rent units, address payment issues, and answer questions specific to your local self storage facility. And the best part is you stop losing potential business and have more free time to yourself.

Some people have said that it sounds too good to be true and must be outrageously expensive....Well fortunately you're incorrect, the process is actually very simple and can be initiated seamlessly, and the best part is it is very affordable.

I've spoken with quite a few self-storage owners who won't even listen to someone who talks about a call center. Here are some common reasons that I've heard a lot.

I don't need someone to help take calls because I can answer them all.”

We need to be rational here. You can't answer all the calls, you sometimes have 2 calls at once, or you have a family emergency, or vacation. Not to mention that call center business now days can be an“overflow” call service so they only take calls if you miss them.

I'm not a big enough storage facility to afford, or need a call center.”

To this I say,“You can't afford NOT to have a call center”. Pricing plans can set up to be very flexible based on number of calls or just a flat rate. Call Advantage has the best prices out there for call centers. On top of that customer acquisition is amazing. If you miss out on 1 rental that could be potentially $500-$2500. Statistics show that the average time a tenant rents for is 10 months. If you charge $100 fora unit that's $1000 missed out on if you miss out on 1 call. Usually a tenant doesn't keep calling back a facility if they don't pick up the phone. As soon as the storage facility doesn't answer the phone the potential tenant moves on to the next Storage facility. Would you pay $100 to make $1000?

"I feel like having a call center would give up part of my business."

I've talked to multiple small business owners who feel this way, however the truth of the matter is hiring a call center is a lot less invasive than its sounds. Usually you can have it setup with in a day or two, and if it doesn't work out you can quickly cancel the service. You can have access to hear all the calls that have been made, so you can hear the call center representative and you can get more detailed reports of how many calls you're actually receiving. If anything it helps you become a better business owner because you can see more data of how your business is performing.