How Much Is Search Engine Optimization Worth?

We all want to have a high ranking on Google and other search engines, but is it really worth it to pay for SEO? Easy Storage Solutions created the RIZE Marketing Agency to answer this question by focusing primarily on SEO and online marketing. Recently, they analyzed 100 of their curr

ent clients using the RIZE SEO Marketing services to answer the question, "Does SEO really work and what is it worth?" The following summarizes the results:


From the beginning, RIZE Marketing started tracking the occupancy for each of the storage facilities that started utilizing SEO. What they found is that the average starting occupancy was 65%. They measured three months later and discovered that the average occupancy was 73% and again after six months finding the average at 79%. This demonstrates that those storage facilities benefitted from a 14% occupancy increase after six months. If you break this down into rentals it would mean a 100-unit facility would receive 14 additional rentals after six months. If the rental rate is $75, this would equal an additional $1,050 per month.

Online Rentals

In addition, RIZE tracked online rental rates and found that after six months of SEO utilization, storage facilities benefitted from an average of 3 - 4% in increased online rentals. This is important as online renters can be more desirable tenants who typically pay with a credit or debit card, enroll in auto-pay and rent for a longer duration. All of these things can increase occupancy and save management time and money.

Website Traffic

More website traffic is the ultimate goal of SEO. If you can attract quality website visitors, you will likely see an increase in conversions. RIZE Marketing found that after 6 - 8 months the increase in quality traffic coming from search engines increased by 75 - 100 visitors per month. This represents 800 - 1,200 more visits to your website per year and has been attributed to the occupancy and online rental increases.

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