There aren’t too many things that are more frustrating to a storage facility manager than dealing with tenants that don’t pay their rent. I'm sure each facility operator has their own way of dealing with this dilemma, but I’m sure some of you wish you had some better tips to make this dilemma, well, less of a dilemma.

Because of our Storage Unit Software, we’ve had the opportunity to work with facility operators for years, and we have come to know a thing or two about that business. So here are the top tips for dealing with these tough renters that don’t want to pay their rent.

Know The Legal Ramifications

Some facility owners take the ‘less legal’ route when it comes to evicting their over-due renters. A self storage consultant, Jim Chiswell said, “We still see smaller operators out there who simply open the unit, go through it, take anything good, throw everything else out and rent the unit again, but increasingly, the legal implications eventually catch up with them.” Know the lien laws for your state before you do anything that might come back to bite you.

Make Sure Customers Understand

When a new renter moves into your facility, make sure they know the ramifications that will take place if they choose to not pay rent.

Make Auto Pay Your Best Friend

This feature is awesome because your renters don’t even have to think about whether or not they will pay this months rent, because it will automatically happen.

Be Consistent In Enforcing The Rules

Renters need to know that you are serious in enforcing the rules. Don’t let them bargain or talk you into letting them pay it late month after month.

Our Storage Unit Software includes features, like auto pay, that will help to make this less of a problem at your storage facility. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or for a free software demo!