The New Age Of Self Storage Facilities - Learn How To Be Successful In Today's Self Storage World!

In today's world our society has evolved in many different ways, from technology to culture changes and everything in between; there has been a dramatic change in the way the world operates. There is new way of doing just about everything and while many people try to resist these social changes and new ways of thinking., we are urging you to look at how the self storage business is evolving and instead of resisting the change, embrace the future and capitalize on its benefits. In an article from Inside Self Storage, Jay Schuminsky, CEO of All Storage which operates 37 facilities in Oklahoma and Texas, says that “The dark ages of dingy, first-generation storage are over."
The facilities that have all the features that customers have come to expect from self storage are the ones doing well and staying full more consistently. These features include:

  • a variety of unit sizes
  • security cameras
  • wide driveways
  • online bill pay
  • online renting feature
  • email and text remindersAnd much much more.
    If you want to be successful in the self storage industry you better do these 4 things:
    1. Find an effective self storage management software to track and organize everything. 2. Update your self storage facility with features and amenities that appeal to your potential clients. 3. Get a professional website that offers more features for a user friendly experience. Stop wasting time with phonebook and newspaper ads or services. 4. Hire someone to do your website's SEO or Online Marketing that will actually do it right and show you the results. This enables you to get more people to your website, rank higher on Google, and get more units rented. In the same article, it further explains these points. "
    The best brands out there communicate convenience, organization, family, happiness and a number of institutional values. If you’ve ever rolled your eyes at the TV reality shows “Auction Hunters” or “Storage Wars,” knowing those shows paint only a half-truth about the self-storage industry, you know what I’m talking about. Storage doesn’t have to be associated with hoarding, and auctions really don’t comprise a large portion of what you do as an operator. " So when your facility offers features that people value or actually want like climate control, drive up access, online renting feature, onsite refreshments, accessible parking, online bill pay, and even more, then you can start gaining some momentum for success.
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