Opening a new self- storage facility is extremely stressful, but equally exciting! During all of the commotion it is easy to forget the small yet important items you need. Below is a list of a few items that you should definitely have on hand when you open your facility!

  1. Time. One important thing to count on having is time. When you open a new self-storage facility there are a lot of moving parts- especially if it was recently built. Besides the paperwork that comes with building/opening a facility there are many things to focus on like storage management software, access control, promoting your business and managing your calls. These things take time so make sure you have plenty of it!
  2. Important Phone Numbers. We often don’t think about the little things like phone numbers for future repairs, or maintenance. If possible, a list should be made of preferred contractors, landscapers, handymen, pest control companies, locksmiths, and vendors to make future issues or maintenance a little less stressful for the owner or manager.
  3. Office Supplies. Oftentimes people get focused on one aspect of a project and neglect smaller aspects. However, office supplies will be vital for day-to-day functioning- especially if you will have a full time manager in the office. Office supplies could include (but aren’t limited to) paper, copy machines/scanner, postage, phones, chairs, pens, and computers.
  4. Other. A few other things that sometimes slip under the radar include cleaning supplies, restroom supplies (toilet paper, soap, paper towels, etc.), and other general items like customer seating, coffee or water (if offered). Remembering these items will make the overall opening of the facility smoother!

Overall, the stress that comes with opening and running your own self-storage business can be relieved (at least a little bit) by being prepared with necessary items. A great way to make sure you get everything is to make time (see above) and make a checklist! Good luck!