In the second video of our series, Ken Turley of the Easy Storage Solutions marketing department discusses the core principles of marketing that will help you increase your occupancy. For additional information on SEO & Online Marketing check out Ken’s 2018 ISS presentation.

Market Structure

There are two types of marketing- traditional, and online. Online marketing is becoming increasingly important in today’s technology based world. The three most important parts of online marketing are your website, search engine optimization, and pay-per click advertisements.


Now, more than ever, it is important to have online rental capabilities with your website. People want the ease of clicking a button to rent a unit. People also want the ease of renting, and paying their bill online from anywhere at any time which is why your website needs to be mobile friendly (a.k.a mobile responsive).


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a series of tasks that help your facility rank higher on Google and drives more people to your website. This means a sustainable increase in rentals and occupancy for your facility.


Last but not least pay-per click (PPC) advertisements are essential to marketing your facility. Similar to the intentions of SEO the goal of these ads are to get more people to your website, and ultimately more people to your facility. This type of advertisement allows you to chose a daily budget, and you only get charged when people actually click your advertisement and go to your website.