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General FAQ

Easy Storage Solutions is a self storage management software company. We offer solutions to simplify your business. From our management software, call answering services, SEO and digital marketing, tenant protection plans, cloud access control, tax and bookkeeping services, and more, we strive to simplify your self-storage business.
Try out our demo for free. Our management software starts at $80 a month but varies on your facility size. Additional services are available for additional monthly fees. To learn more about our pricing plans, contact us
You can use our services in nearly every country worldwide.
Our support team is always happy to help, they can be contacted at (435) 656-1990. We also offer plenty of online resources with articles, videos, and tutorials to help you learn more and solve any issues you may have. This can all be found on our website support page.

Management Software FAQ

Yes, our management software comes with a state-of-the-art website that allows your tenants to book units and make payments online. The website is mobile-friendly and fully integrated into your management software so it will always show availability up to the second.
We strive to provide you with everything you need to succeed at an affordable price. Our price starts at $80 a month but is based on how many facilities and units you have.
Definitely! We integrate with Access Control Systems, Quickbooks, Payment Processing Companies, Tenant Insurance Providers, Call Answering Services, Marketing Services, and more!
Yes, the management software is a monthly fee that includes your website and software. There are no long term contracts and you are free to cancel at any time.
Getting started with your website and software right away is always the best plan. Being able to familiarize yourself and your team with the software in advance of use with real customer data is very helpful.
Yes, whether we purchase and manage the domain for you or you do it yourself, you always have complete rights to your domain.
Yes, you can keep your current domain, or we can help you select a new one. If you're not sure which route to take, we can offer advice for your unique situation.
Absolutely! Our software can be accessed online. From a phone, tablet, or computer, you can access our management software as long as you have a web browser and an internet connection.
There is no limit on the number of users you can add. Your monthly price will not be affected by the number of users and we always advise having a unique user for each person accessing the software.
Our technical support is something we take pride in! Our representatives are easy to understand and can be reached via phone, email, and chat. It is a high priority for us to get your needs taken care of as soon as possible, you will never be waiting hours for a response.
No! Our software is based online, meaning you do not need to download, install, or worry about backing up your information. You can access your management account from any phone, tablet, or computer as long as you have access to the internet.
We integrate with many access control systems. If you would like to add integration with your gate, we offer our Cloud Access Control Services allowing you to manage access and gate codes directly from our software.

SEO & Online Marketing FAQ

The quicker you get started, the earlier we can get our SEO practices going! Websites take time to rank on search engines, so getting started earlier means you will see results sooner.
SEO is an ongoing process, as the digital world is always changing, so are the keywords and phrases people are searching to find your company. The process of adding SEO services is not for instant results but instead, think of it as a partnership that helps your company continue to grow and flourish. Our serves are month to month, so there are no long term contracts or obligations, but we recommend not coming and going as it may hurt your rankings and progress.
SEO and online marketing is not an overnight process. Ranking on the first page of Google takes a significant amount of work. Depending on the local market, it can take anywhere from three to seven months for this to take place. So while we understand the urgency for your business, be assured we are working hard and often on your website.
SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and is the process of ranking your website on search engine result pages, such as Google. SEO is an on-going and takes time to achieve results. PPC stands for “Pay-Per-Click” and is a digital marketing practice of paying for an advertisement. PPC gets instant results but costs money to do so. Many businesses use a combination of both SEO and PPC to get the results they want.

Tenant Protection FAQ

Tenant Protection is a reliable and affordable way for your tenants to protect their stored goods against a variety of potential damages.
Yes, you keep a percentage of the monthly plan fees your tenants pay as extra revenue!
Tenants may purchase a Tenant Protection Plan directly during the initial online rental process, or they may be enrolled by you or your representatives in the Easy Storage Solutions software. Tenants can add Tenant Protection by logging in to their online accounts, as well.
If something happens and tenants don’t have coverage, they may still demand reimbursement. Although you likely have no liability per your lease agreement, this is still a headache. Having coverage gives tenants a way to get reimbursement, thus leaving you with a happy tenant and your business safe from a scathing review.

Call Answering FAQ

You can keep your current phone number and we will set up call forwarding to route calls to our team. If you don't have a business phone number for your facility we can provide one for you in your city at no additional cost.
We can take all the phone calls for your facility, or we can set it up so that we are your backup service.
We take live calls M-F 7 AM MST to 6 PM MST and Saturday 8 AM MST to 2 PM MST. Tenants can make a payment by phone 24/7 via our automated pay-by-phone service.
You choose: (a.) We can forward after-hours calls directly to another phone number, or (b.) We send the calls to a custom voicemail we set up for you, then the voicemail audio clip is automatically sent to an email address of your choice.
You can utilize the service as much as you want. When you sign up, we agree on a price based on how much you will utilize the service, and you will be charged monthly accordingly.
There is no contract, however, we ask that you stick with the service for at least three months. We do a lot of extensive internal setup work and training for your facility and three months gives adequate time to work through questions and processes.
Our call answering service is based in St. George, UT. Located in the same office as the other Easy Storage Solutions services. You will never have to worry about not understanding our operators.
Absolutely! We can take all the calls full-time and allow the manager to work on other things, or we can be a backup to the manager if they are unable to answer the phone. Either way, we will work closely with the manager and ensure good communication.

Accounting FAQ

Absolutely! Our accounting and tax services include bookkeeping, payroll, and filing business tax returns. You can use all of the services or combine several to better fit your business needs. For example, we can take care of the bookkeeping and coordinate with your tax accountant to take care of the tax returns.
What information we need varies depending on the business and their needs. Generally, we need access to current books, view-only access to bank accounts (in order to view transaction activity, check images, and bank statements for reconciliation), prior year tax returns, required payroll information, and purchase documents if the facility was recently purchased.
We can, and do, prepare and file business tax returns on the federal and state level for most of our clients. Whether or not you are required to file a tax return on the federal level depends on what your entity structure looks like. On the state level, it depends on entity structure and state laws. When you first sign on with our accounting service we have an initial consultation call where we gather all the necessary information to determine if a federal and/or state tax return is required.

Cloud Access Control FAQ

Yes! All gate operators have the necessary input terminals required. We can also connect to 12v or 24v door locking hardware.
The controllers and keypads have a three-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
All data is synced to the local controller so if your internet goes down, all previously saved codes will still function. When the internet is restored our system will perform a sync to add any missed codes during the downtime.
Yes! Cloud Access Control comes with an included “Text to Open” feature that can be enabled!
Cloud access control works directly in our management software. Our management software is mobile friendly so it scales to your browser without the need to download a separate app!

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