Everyone knows how important marketing is for their storage facility. The only problem is, nobody knows exactly how to do it and what areas to focus on. This article can help you figure out exactly what areas to focus on with your online marketing and help you get more online rentals for your storage facility.

Marketing Your Storage Facility Online
5 Key Steps to
It’s no secret anymore, everyone knows that marketing your storage facility online is a critical part to your business success. The only problem is there is so much confusion out there about how to do it effectively online. With all the confusion that surrounds this topic, here are 5 key steps to clear things up and explain how to make sure your online presence is effective and also affordable.
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5 steps to market
Step #1 - Get An Effective Website  
- Needs To Be Mobile Responsive
- Needs A Good "Call-to-Action"
- Online Rental Capability
Step #2 - Get An Effective SEO Plan  
- Always Follow Google's Best Practices on SEO Tasks
- Do Monthly Optimizations
- Make Sure Google Business Pages Are Verified
Step #3 - Look Into Other Online Techniques
- Pay Per Click Ad Systems Such As Google Adwords
- Utilize Social Media & Use It To Connect With Customers
Step #4 - Focus On Customer Reviews
- Get Reviews On Google, Facebook, etc.
- Respond To People Who Leave Reviews & Follow Google's Best Practices
Step #5 - Track Your Results
- Track Analytics For Website
- Adjust Efforts As You Go
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