When managing a self storage facility you are destined to run into your fair share of problems. Easy Storage Solutions is dedicated to making things run smoother and making things as easy as they can be for the storage facility operator.
One area that Easy Storage Solutions does this is with their Self Storage Management Software, it will help people pay online, rent storage units online, track vacancy, and much much more. One key area of the software is a setting that allows for tenants to be set up an auto pay. This is a  key feature for many owners and operators because this cuts time and increases profit. No more tracking checks or cash down, no more harassing your tenants every month just to get your money. Amy Cambell, from Inside Self Storage, wrote, "For self-storage operators, auto-pay is, by far, their best source for obtaining on-time payments. It helps alleviate many of the biggest hassles that go along with operating a storage facility—namely late payments, collection calls and lien sales. Plus, customers on auto-pay generally don’t think about paying that bill every month or scrutinize the dollar amount they’re paying too closely. Because it becomes “just another bill,” many will also stay longer. Adding a rental increase also becomes easier for tenants enrolled in an automatic-payment system."
Some key benefits of Auto Pay include:

  • Increases profits
  • Reduces collections reports
  • Saves time
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Rental duration increasesWhen looking at your storage business and trying to find areas to help you be more successful, take a serious look at how getting your tenants on auto pay can help. It's a simple feature that will make your lives easier and your time more effective.

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