When making common purchases the rule is pretty simple. You pay for the item you want and it's over. Unfortunately there are certain things in this world that aren't that easy. David Pogue wrote, "Buying Microsoft Word, or Quicken, or an iPhone may feel like a one-time transaction, but it's not. Every year you'll be offered the chance to buy a newer, updated version. Since Word debuted in the 1980s, upgraded versions have been offered 14 times. Since Photoshop 1.0 in 1990: 20 times. If you'd bought Photoshop in 1990 and stayed current by buying each annual upgrade, you'd have paid more than $4,000 by now. " You see, when we purchase a item like an iPhone, there is always going to be an updated version coming out shortly. Which usually means you have to fork up more money to get the best version of what you already paid for.
Unfortunately in the software business this "pay for updates" practice is alive and well. There numerous companies out there who require extra update fees or maintenance fees on top of the monthly subscription price. While we understand why some companies may do it, Easy Storage Solutions is here to make it very simple for our customers. We offer you our great self storage software & website for an affordable monthly price. Then we offer customer service, consistent software updates, and website security all included in one low price. No hidden fees and no upgrade options for you to pay for.