When running a mini to medium size self storage business, negative reviews are inevitable. Even if you’re doing everything right and using software for smooth management of your self-storage business, there will always be situations where a customer can still leave their experience unhappy for one reason or another. The good part? These situations can be remedied and there are things you can do to turn a customer’s negative experience into a positive one.

Address the Issue

There is nothing worse than just ignoring a negative customer review. You may not want to deal with the problem but if you just avoid it, the customer will jump to the conclusion that you don’t care about their experience as a customer and they may be right. It’s also important to address the negative review as soon as you see it so that the customer doesn’t assume that you have forgotten about them.


Sometimes just a good ol’ fashioned apology will go a long way. Tell the customer that you are truly sorry that you might just be surprised at how quickly their anger can turn around. You can even offer some kind of incentive such as a discount to show that you are sorry and would like the customer to give you another chance.

The Customer is Always Right

Even if a customer is uninformed about a policy or feature of your business, it’s never a good idea to tell them that they are wrong. This could be taken the same way as if you were to call them a liar. Instead, politely apologize and educate them in a way that is helpful and not condescending.

Delete Inappropriate Reviews

If you are using a third party software for reviews or even a website, contact them immediately if you notice negative reviews that are also inappropriate. For example: If someone uses profane language or a personal attack, it is entirely acceptable to contact the review source and ask that the review be removed. If you manage the reviews on your own, it’s good practice to sort through them daily so that you are on top of things.

Encourage Positive Reviews

You’re much more likely to get more positive reviews than negative if you reach out to your customers who have had good experiences and kindly ask them to review your business. A satisfied customer often won’t hesitate to leave a good remark if they know that it will benefit your company.

Customers who have bad experiences are likely to tell their friends and family about it so it’s crucial to make sure you deal with negative reviews in a timely manner. We hope these tips help you keep customers happy so that they’ll return to your mini to medium size storage business whenever they’re in need of a self storage management software.