Whether you own a mini or medium size self-storage business, using self storage management software such as Easy Storage Solutions is essential to the overall management of your business. You may know that picking storage software is one of the first steps in running a self-storage facility, but are you aware of what this software can actually do for you and your business? We’ll tell you all about the benefits in this post.

Automatic Payments

The days of spending hours on end invoicing are behind us. With Easy Storage Solutions software, you can easily set up automatic payments for your customers. You can even set up text and email payment reminders to tenants. Invoices, receipts, and past due notices can all be sent automatically with no additional work on your end.

Online Rentals

If a customer goes to your website and is unable to rent a storage facility online, chances are they’ll continue their search elsewhere. We live in a world where you should be able to book services online and that is another big reason why your mini to medium storage business really needs a good storage management software. With software, you can enable this feature so that customers can take care of renting a unit on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Easily Send Emails

Have you ever wanted to email a customer but haven’t had an easy way to do it? Instead of using your personal email address to track down and email a customer, use software to send out mass emails, or individual updates. This is the painless way to go about emailing your customers info as needed.

Save Time

Using software will streamline the way you run your business and you’ll soon find that you are able to accomplish much more in a shorter amount of time. With that time you save, you could focus on other aspects of your business and even give yourself a vacation once in awhile. All of us deserve a break from time to time.

Customer Service

One of the great things about self storage software is that it is almost always backed by a professional team of customer service reps. Should anything go wrong, you never have to worry about figuring it out on your own because there will be a friendly person on the other side to help you out.

These are just a few of the perks you’ll see by using storage unit software such as Easy Storage Solutions for your mini to medium self-storage business. Make mailing out invoices and trips to the bank a thing of the past and you’ll be glad you did.