Two Way Texting

Easy Storage Solutions recently released two-way texting! This means you can send and receive text messages to your customers right from the software.

Two Way Texting

Once your customer receives the custom text message they can reply to it from their cell phone and it will show up in your self-storage software where you can view their response and reply to it. The software will also track any automated text messages sent out such as invoice reminders. You’ll be able to view these in the same conversation view as your custom text messages!

Two Way Texting

This feature is now available in the United States and Canada! To learn how to enable two-way texting check out this article.

Additional Updates

Easy Storage also released some additional updates in the month of June including:

  • Units Can Now Be Rotated on the Site Map
  • Daily Close Batch Report
  • Occupancy & Occupancy History Reports
  • Recurring Fees Shown on Customer Profile
  • Due Date for Fees & Products
  • Allow Managers to choose Default Login Page
  • Limits on Reservation Length

For more information on these awesome updates check out this support article!