Good customer service is pretty much expected these days but what can really make your business stand out is superb customer service. We provide you with storage unit software to effectively run your mini storage facility but excellent customer service is also crucial in order to be really successful. Here are just a few things you can do.

Always Smile

Even if you aren’t in the best of moods, try to always smile in the presence of a customer. You might be surprised at how much the simple act of smiling can really make someone’s day. A passive expression may lead the customer to believe you are uninterested so go the extra mile and always present yourself with a warm, welcoming smile.

Always Set Expectations

It’s always a good rule of thumb to set expectations for the customer so that there are no surprises or opportunities for the customer to become upset because information was not provided. This also gives you the opportunity to exceed expectations and go above and beyond. This is harder to do if no expectations are set in the first place.

Always Listen First

If a customer approaches you and is upset for any reason, always let them speak and avoid interrupting them as this would be considered very rude. You want to show the customer that you care about their situation and listening is the best way to show that you are involved. Once you have listened, get to the root of the problem by asking questions and showing concern.

Treat Employees Well

How your employees treat customers is often a direct reflection of how happy they are with their job. Unsatisfied employees are less likely to provide great customer service because they simply do not care as much. Boosting morale by providing positive feedback and creating a vibrant work environment will create happy employees and happy employees often create happy customers.

Keep in Touch

Let your customers know you really care by keeping in touch. Whether it’s a simple note to thank them for their business or a newsletter to let them know what’s going on, customers will appreciate the fact that you are thinking about them even after their initial visit.

We hope these tips help you leave a lasting positive impression on your customers. Easy Storage Solutions is always happy to provide extra insight to your business in addition to our easy-to-use storage unit software.